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Transition Management

Kilda Group uses Transition Management to assist organizations with their preparations for the acceptance, use, and operation and maintenance of new or enhanced systems, models and/or processes. We consider organizational and technological factors along with executive and stakeholder commitment and alignment; followed by readiness assessments of your people, business processes, and assets to facilitate the smooth and rapid assimilation of a new project. As depicted in the graphic below, we will delve into the "CHANGE" portion of your project and ensure that your receiving organizations (both end users and those that will maintain it) are prepared to receive the new system, model and/or process.

Kilda Group can use your organization's previously established methodology or we can use our own that is battle tested and a mixture of industry best practices. Through a series of workshops, Kilda Group resources will use our methodology to compare the current state of your organization to the future state of the receiving organizations and identify any readiness gaps. Each gap is then captured and managed to closure, escalation, or mitigation by the responsible receiving organization. Our Transition Management offerings provide the processes and practices needed to align and prepare your organization for any targeted change.

  • Transition Readiness Assessment & Planning
  • Transition Implementation Planning & Management
  • Transition Management Best Practices
Venn diagram with three circles. The circles represent technology, people, and process coming togther to create change.