Our Services

Training, Facilitation and Documentation

Enabling a workforce to reach its full potential - whether it is an individual or an entire organization - requires a commitment to the preparation which leads to successful execution.

Kilda Group clearly recognizes that each unique organization necessitates its own distinct training solutions. It is through our extensive background in this offering that we provide efficient training programs which blend approaches as well as tailor content breadth and depth to meet the unique needs of your organization. We will work with you to design and implement the optimum training solution for your budget, schedule and proficiency requirements.

  • Solution Design, Development and Delivery
  • Analysis and Assessments
  • Management and Oversight
  • Instructor and Web-Based Content Design, Development and Delivery
  • Logistics Planning and Management
  • Train-the-Trainer

Blended Learning Solutions

Kilda Group designs learning solutions tailored to fit a client organization's specific employee development needs. A blend of in-person course work combined with user-paced online and at home learning tools combine proven strategies with real-world experience to produce the optimal learning environment.

Curriculum Design and Development

As part of Kilda Group's Learning Solutions Portfolio, the Curriculum Design and Development capability allows clients flexible options to influence course design and structure to best meet the needs of their workforce and customers.

Enterprise Training and Learning Programs

Kilda Group designs tailored solutions for specific user and learning groups or enterprise-wide learning solutions. Enterprise Training and Learning Programs are tailored to each client's needs and goals. These tools are infinitely scalable for optimal applicability.

Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Web Based Training (WBT) ADDIE

Kilda Group's expert instructional designers follow the ADDIE foundational instructional design model when designing and tailoring IBT and WBT for client audiences.

Information and Records Management

Utilizing industry best practice models for Information and Records Management, Kilda Group provides seamless and reliable service design solutions to meet complex data management needs.

Job Aids and Performance Support Tools

As part of Kilda Group's Learning Solutions Portfolio, supplemental Job Aids and Performance support tools build on foundational training structures to support continued learning and enhance on-the-job performance with cost-effective, employee self-guided tools.

Knowledge Management

Kilda Group's Knowledge Management capability offers clients made-for-use designs for capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge. Well-crafted Knowledge Management systems assist clients in meeting organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, sharing of lessons learned and continuous service improvement.

Meeting, Process, and Team Facilitation

Kilda Group's team of experienced project management aide clients in the achievement of short-term or long-term corporate goals by incorporating effective meeting, process and team facilitation into all services offered.

Policies and Procedures

Accurate and clear policies and procedures are the cornerstone of organizational planning. Kilda Group helps our clients maintain structural integrity by advising on and devising appropriate policies and procedures for the specific client audience.

Records and Information Management

Utilizing industry best practice models for Information and Records Management, Kilda Group provides seamless and reliable service design solutions to meet complex data management needs.


Kilda Group's experienced team creates tailor-made, client-specific SharePoint architectures to ensure the important function of data sharing and archiving is addressed in the most prudent and effective manner.


Kilda Group uses advanced Simulation Modeling and Analysis to assist clients in the prediction of performance of new systems, processes or structures throughout their organization.

Technical Writing and Documentation Support

Kilda Group's experienced project management staff work with clients to determine the appropriate writing styles and technical writing methods to be deployed to support client activities. Kilda Group's documentation support function can be tailored to support client needs in writing, editing, vetting and publication of technical writing projects.

Training Logistics

Supporting Kilda Group's training capabilities, the training logistics function allows Kilda Group to offer clients turn-key solutions to training logistics which includes online, in-person and individually paced learning logistical support.


Supporting Kilda Group's training capabilities, Kilda Group's Train-the-Trainer capability offers solutions for controlling training costs through knowledge transfer of training content and instructional techniques to in-house assets.