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Strategy and Governance

Navigating any change requires a sound business vision and strategy at its core to guide enterprise planning and execution. Effective governance requires a combination of sound governance processes, guidelines for decision-making and norms that foster the behavior boards need to make sound decisions. Both are needed to navigate an organization to a new future and drive sustained change that produces measurable business results. Kilda Group has the expertise to help your organization build the sound business strategies and governance needed to guide your organization to the future.

  • Corporate & Business Unit Vision & Strategy
  • Enterprise Governance Design & Implementation
  • Governance Processes & Best Practices


Kilda Group's benchmarking service compares client organization business processes and performance to those of industry leaders as well as to best practices of other industries to allow analysis of quality, time and cost.

Budgetary Shortfall Recovery Planning

Kilda assists clients with budgetary shortfall recovery planning by leveraging partnerships with experts in economic forecasting and business accounting with Kilda Group's business planning, development and optimization experience.

Business Case Development

Kilda Group has developed proprietary templates based on industry best-practice business case development methodologies. Kilda Group can provide consulting services with a wide depth of knowledge in business case development.

Business Process Management

Kilda Group's Business Process Management offering assists clients in aligning their business processes with those of their customers. Utilizing a systemic approach to Business Process Management allows Kilda Group to tailor client processes to continuously improve business effectiveness and efficiency.

Current / Future State Mapping and Analysis

Kilda Group's state-of-business mapping and analysis services allow clients a simple avenue to track the trajectory their current activities will deliver. Once this mapping is complete, analysis and comparisons to industry trends can be performed.

Lean Management

Kilda Group's Lean Management services apply the fundamental principles of the Lean Management process to assist clients in the decision making process. Kilda Group's Lean services help clients deliver greater value, eliminate waste and continuously improve their processes; all while remaining competitive.

Organizational Design and Optimization

An optimized organizational structure is the solid base on which success is built. Kilda Group has the experience and business process knowledge to assist clients in designing and refining the optimal structure for their competitive business space.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Kilda Group's experience in strategic planning enables clients to clearly lay out their mission statement, vision statement, values and goals. Once this strategic framework is created, Kilda Group supports the implementation phase of strategic management, striving to achieve full executive support, effective communication to stakeholders, and employee involvement.

Trusted Advisor and Coaching

Kilda Group's trusted advisor and coaching services offer a wide range of assistance to executives in all phases of business development and deployment.