Our Services

Analysis and Performance

Change creates the need to constantly manage and align your business processes and overall operating model. Improving the performance of your organization requires the experience and understanding we bring.

We will work with you to identify and document your current business operating model and processes and further outline areas in which they can be improved. Ultimately, our Process and Performance Improvement services will assist you and your organization in identifying challenging yet feasible performance targets for the future while enabling the achievement of current target outcomes.

  • Organizational Performance Improvement
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Operating Model Redesign
  • Business Process Re-engineering

Note: Our Organizational Change Management (OCM) offerings provide the processes and practices needed to align and prepare your organization to implement the targeted performance improvements. Our Program & Project Management capabilities ensure that the change can be proactively managed and measured.

Business Process Analysis

Kilda Group delivers proven Business Process Analysis capabilities to assist customers in reviewing and revising existing business practices. By conducting process analysis, Kilda identifies avenues for clients to gain efficiencies by streamlining workflow and increasing effectiveness.

Business Process Management

Kilda Group's Business Process Management offering assists clients in aligning their business processes with those of their customers. Utilizing a systemic approach to Business Process Management allows Kilda Group to tailor client processes to continuously improve business effectiveness and efficiency.

Business Process Mapping

In support of Kilda's suite of business, process improvement client services, the Business Process Mapping function provides written and flow chart depictions of the process being developed or optimized. This service provides a visual map of key points of responsibility and handoffs for key activities in the business process.

Business Process Optimization

Kilda Group provides Business Process Optimization services to assist customers in analyzing existing business procedures and processes to determine which should be refreshed to be more suitable to the current business climate. Kilda Group's methodologies provide a strong platform on which a framework for identifying new business processes, evaluating performances, and establishing improvement goals can be built.

Business Process Reengineering

Kilda Group utilizes strategies of Business Process Reengineering in conjunction with other time-tested management strategies to help ensure client success when designing and tailoring business processes and structures to meet specific needs. This service offering works to tailor organizational structures by focusing on "ground up" development of processes.

Management Analysis

Utilizing a suite of proven Management Analysis processes, Kilda Group offers objective guidance on the client organizational structure through targeted independent and peer review of client procedures and guidelines that drive organizational behavior. Kilda Group's suite of Management Analysis tools creates value by increasing efficiency, performance and profitability.

Performance Assessments

Kilda Group utilizes best-practice performance assessment procedures to help clients ensure their peak performance is achieved. Kilda Group offers direct performance assessment services as well as evaluations of the client in-place business performance management practices. Evaluations ensure clients have the correct level of capability, process and information to proactively identify operational performance issues impacting current and future business. Additionally, Kilda Group can help integrate best-practice business performance management practices with operational planning cycles to ensure impacts associated with changing business dynamics are thoroughly examined before implementing process changes.

Performance Measures and Management

Kilda Group helps clients manage their performance by offering tools and templates for capturing performance related data and proves systems for analysis of data to convert the raw data into useful metrics. These services are offered as stand-alone products or advantageously as part of a custom tailored package of business optimization tools.

Studies and Reports

Kilda Group's long history of business research allows clients to tailor studies targeted to their specific needs and business climate. The Kilda Group team and supporting partners offer unparalleled surge capacity to support complex study requirements. After data collection is complete, Kilda Group can quickly turn data into details utilizing time-tested templates or customizing analysis results formats to suit any situation.

Workforce Analysis and Management

Workforce analysis and management is an important asset and resource in any organization's human capital development and planning. Kilda Group assists clients as they achieve an optimal workforce to cost structure balance by utilizing innovative methods for workforce analysis. Data analysis results and the subsequent human capital management optimization recommendations can be directly applied by client organizations' in their workforce planning.